Looking to Boost Your Metabolism? Make Sure You Do This:

How many people do you know who eat healthy, work out at a ferocious pace, and are very health conscious – but continue to struggle to stay in shape?  This is actually much more common than you may think, and I see many people walk into my clinic who are just like this.  Can you imagine continuing at this pace for a number of months or even years – and not see any results? How frustrating would that be???

There’s a great saying by Albert Einstein regarding the definition of Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  If this sounds like you, it’s time to change your approach.


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Top 7 Food rules for People in Pain

Pain is rampant in our society, and there are food rules for pain. To be more specific, inflammation is actually what is rampant and ultimately behind most chronic pain.  Chronic inflammatory processes are linked to many well-known health conditions, many considered serious.   We can all think of someone we know who suffering from pain and/or discomfort.  In fact, there is a good chance you know someone suffering from a condition ending with the suffix ‘itis’ which by definition, literally means inflammation.


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Are Supplements Really Needed for Optimal Health?


How many times have you heard that supplements are merely just expensive urine?  Have you also heard that supplements are not needed as we get everything we need from our diet today?  Even worse, recent mainstream media articles have also suggested that vitamin supplements are even harmful.  It’s time to shed some light on these myths.


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Are you affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?


As we move into the longer and darker days of winter ahead, many North Americans find themselves feeling a decline in mood, energy, motivation and overall vitality.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not a rare disorder.  In fact, SAD affects 1 in 3 North Americans, while many more likely feel some symptoms of SAD without recognizing it.  The medical definition of SAD is: symptoms of depression coinciding with seasons of shorter days and less sunlight. This is blamed on the so-called biological internal clocks, or circadian rhythm, and it is said that SAD sufferers are more likely to be women and younger persons. Other symptoms include a craving for sugary foods, such as sweets, candies, and refined carbohydrates.  While one of the best overall therapies is to get into a climate that offers more sunshine exposure, moving to California for the winters is obviously not viable to the entire population.  Below are additional options that provide ‘Safe and Effective Natural Treatments to Prevent & Treat SAD’:


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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Inches from Your Waistline

The battle of the bulge is forever an issue for a growing number of North Americans, and statistically it is getting worse.  Aside from looking good in your bikini or that borat speedo you’ve been itching to try on, keeping weight in an optimal range is critical in helping to reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses plaguing developed nations today.   While there is a plethora of self-help books/DVDs/webinars/programs, etc offering hope and promise to lose those extra pounds, the fact of matter is THERE IS NO ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM’ for the masses.  But wait!  Before you hang your head in defeat and reach for that bag of chips – give me a moment to explain how there is still hope…  We all have the capability of optimizing our body composition and getting back in shape.  It is imperative that we address each individual’s biochemical differences and obstacles in order to achieve efficient, healthy and sustainable results.  Asides from core essentials such as achieving adequate exercise and reducing refined sugars in our diet, there are some additional starting points to help you reach your goal of optimal body composition.  Below are my ‘Top 5 ways to Reduce Inches from your Waistline’ :


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Want to postpone your expiration date?

As we move further into the 21st century, people are living longer than their ancestors. According to the Administration on Aging (a division of the Department of Health and Human Services), North Americans reaching age 65 have an average life expectancy of an additional 18.8 years (20.0 years for females and 17.3 years for males). In comparison, the average life expectancy for Americans in 1960 was 73 years. As the aging population grows, the medical community becomes more involved in the science of aging and more adept at treating and helping to prevent various conditions. As I’ve always maintained – it’s not about anti-aging, rather optimal-aging. Let’s work with our bodies and optimize the capability to live as long with as high quality of living as possible.


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