Anti-Aging Services

"As I’ve always maintained, it’s not about anti-aging, but rather optimal-aging. Let’s work with our bodies and optimize the capability to live longer, healthier lives".

– Dr. Dempster, ND

As the aging population grows, the medical community has become more involved in the science of aging and more adept at treating and preventing various conditions. Dr. Dempster, ND reassures his patients that anti-aging medicine is supported by scientific, evidence-based research which, focuses on the prevention and treatment of age-related health disorders.

Dr. Dempster, ND works with patients to help to prevent age-related diseases, and provides a naturopathic approach to improve overall quality of life. This process begins with an individualized diagnosis of a patient’s health disorders in order to provide a customized treatment plan for the prevention and rejuvenation of age-related health conditions.

Our clinic offers optimal aging naturopathic medical services in the following clinical areas:

healthy mature couple

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