Chronic Fatigue

Prebiotics and probiotics

How Prebiotics and Probiotics Can Transform Your Health

Prebiotics and probiotics are both naturally-occurring substances that are vital for your health and wellness. However, while knowledge of probiotics has been increasing in public awareness, prebiotics aren’t quite as well known. Understandably, there’s quite a bit of confusion about prebiotics vs probiotics. Is one


Are Lectins the New Gluten?

These days, it feels like there’s a diet available to villainize almost every food group. Cutting gluten, sugar, dairy, or FODMAPs from your meals might be the solution to your health problems, but it’s hard to be sure. Recently, there’s an increasing number of people

Old woman camera

Twelve Signs That You’re Not Aging Well

Getting older might not be an idea you relish, but the process isn’t exactly avoidable. Each day you’re alive, your cells and systems are suffering damage that slowly ages you. While time passes for all of us at the same pace, some people tend to

Woman Stretching

5 Ways Stretching Improves Your Health

Are you sick of living with an aching back? Is it a struggle to get yourself out of bed each morning? Then it sounds like your body might benefit from a regular stretching routine. Stretching is the process of deliberately lengthening your muscles to increase


Eight Tasty Yet HEALTHY Snacks for Kids

Is snack time a constant battle in your household? Many parents who have mastered the art of preparing nutritious meals for their families still trip up when it comes to steering clear of chips and candy during the midday lull. Eating healthy as a family