Organic Acids TESTING

The Organic Acid Test (OAT) is an assessment for a wide variety of biomarkers related to yeast (candida) and bacteria toxicity – specifically clostridia bacteria. It also evaluates oxalate toxicity, as well as mitochondria function, and various markers for vitamin and neurotransmitter problems. The Organic Acid Test includes a section for amino acid metabolites which can detect inborn errors of metabolism. The OAT is a foundational test that should be considered for anyone dealing with a chronic health problem.

This test is commonly used for people with mental health issues, autoimmune disorders, cancer patients and those that suffer from chronic fatigue.  

The testing procedure measures the overflow or build-up of intermediate organic acid products in the urine, determining where ‘aberrations’ are occurring in metabolic pathways. These biomarkers give an overview of several major systems in the body and an analysis of nutritional deficiencies in the body.

By evaluating organic acid levels and pinpointing the metabolic dysfunctions occurring at the cellular level, a customized treatment strategy can be tailor made for each individual patient.  The Organic Acid Test is the preferred test used at our clinic as the metabolic panel provides remarkable data about a patient from a simple urine collection.

A person in a lab coat is holding a test tube