Functional Medicine Toronto – Reduce your waistline

The battle of the bulge is forever an issue for a growing number of North Americans, and statistically it is getting worse.  Aside from looking good in your bikini or that borat speedo you’ve been itching to try on, keeping weight in an optimal range is critical in helping to reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses plaguing developed nations today.   While there is a plethora of self-help books/DVDs/webinars/programs, etc offering hope and promise to lose those extra pounds, the fact of matter is THERE IS NO ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM’ for the masses. Before you hang your head in defeat and reach for that bag of chips – give me a moment to explain how there is still hope…  We all have the capability of optimizing our body composition and getting back in shape.  It is imperative that we address each individual’s biochemical differences and obstacles in order to achieve efficient, healthy and sustainable results.  Asides from core essentials such as achieving adequate exercise and reducing refined sugars in our diet, there are some additional starting points to help you reach your goal of optimal body composition.  Below are my ‘Top 5 ways to Reduce Inches from your Waistline’ :


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Top 5 Supplements for Men to Survive the Holiday Season

All right gentlemen, with the moustache month of November (Men’s Health month) upon us once again.  This “Top 5 Supplements for Men” is for you…

With holiday season right around the corner, it is a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends. Simultaneously, holidays often bring on added stressors for your body to deal with such as indulging in a more sweets, having a few cocktails, less sleep, or just the added stress of hanging out with your in-laws! I kid, of course…

While I’m all for enjoying the celebrations of life, too much of these things can increase our susceptibility to illness and wear our us down (ever wonder why the cold and flu season starts around this time of year? Hint, it has nothing to do with cold temperatures…).


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Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? Time To Hit the Juice.

Caffeine-addicts beware: there may come a day when your search for a nearby coffee shop lands you in the increasingly popular phenomenon known as the “juice bar.”

Colorful juice drinks, containing everything from kale, spinach, beets to wheatgrass, have got more and more people saying goodbye to hot java and hello to liquid vegetables and fruit. Juicing is rapidly becoming a way of life.


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