Optimal Aging

Best Nutrients to Prevent Hair Loss

Never Worry About Hair Loss Again!

For many people, hair loss is a natural part of aging. Genetics certainly play a role in this, as some people start losing their hair by age thirty, while others never seem to lose their thick, luscious locks. However, there are additional factors that influence

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Twelve Signs That You’re Not Aging Well

Getting older might not be an idea you relish, but the process isn’t exactly avoidable. Each day you’re alive, your cells and systems are suffering damage that slowly ages you. While time passes for all of us at the same pace, some people tend to


Is Bone Broth the Answer to Your Gut Problems?

Digestive problems can be debilitating to deal with, so it’s no surprise that finding solutions is a booming industry. If you’re familiar with the world of functional health, you may have heard of the purported wonder properties of bone broth. But is the brew all


Are Toxic Heavy Metals Keeping You Sick?

Have you been feeling “off” recently for no discernible reason?  Feel like you’re doing everything right but still not 100 percent?  These symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. If you’ve been eating well, getting regular exercise, and sleeping for seven or more hours a night but still

Optimal aging

Top 5 Supplements for Optimal Aging

We all want to be at our best. However, as you get older, your ‘best’ will begin to change, and usually not for the better. While aging is inevitable, there are several supplements you can take to control the process so that you continue to