Are you affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?


As we move into the longer and darker days of winter ahead, many North Americans find themselves feeling a decline in mood, energy, motivation and overall vitality.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not a rare disorder.  In fact, SAD affects 1 in 3 North Americans, while many more likely feel some symptoms of SAD without recognizing it.  The medical definition of SAD is: symptoms of depression coinciding with seasons of shorter days and less sunlight. This is blamed on the so-called biological internal clocks, or circadian rhythm, and it is said that SAD sufferers are more likely to be women and younger persons. Other symptoms include a craving for sugary foods, such as sweets, candies, and refined carbohydrates.  While one of the best overall therapies is to get into a climate that offers more sunshine exposure, moving to California for the winters is obviously not viable to the entire population.  Below are additional options that provide ‘Safe and Effective Natural Treatments to Prevent & Treat SAD’:


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