Dr. Dempster provides an intensive cardiovascular screening test that analyzes blood for lipid markers and independent risk factors leading to cardiovascular disease (CVD). These nutritional markers provide a thorough assessment of cardiovascular health status, revealing the biochemical environment associated with inflammation, lipid deposits, endothelial dysfunction, and clotting factors underlying cardiovascular disease. Using NMR fractionation technology for lipid markers and independent risk factors, this nutritional test illuminates the complexity of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Nearly 50% of all heart attack victims have normal levels of typical markers for CVD, including total cholesterol. For this reason, improved clinical tools are needed to identify patients with a predisposition to CVD who can benefit from timely and preventative intervention. With its unique combination of standard lipid markers, lipid fractionation analysis, and novel independent risk factors, Dr. Dempster is able to better identify the risk for cardiovascular disease; allowing for a treatment plan to commence far in advance of a problem occurring. Comprehensive blood work is drawn and sent to a lab for analysis. When results become available, they are sent to the clinic.