The Best iPhone App for a Healthy Gut

The Best iPhone App for a Healthy Gut

My Healthy Gut Institute online course is a powerful tool for easing the symptoms of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), IBS and other digestive concerns. It can sometimes be overwhelming to begin a new program like mine. Luckily, there is an app that can help you on your journey called Suggestic. I call it the 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart.

If you have struggled to follow a low FODMAP diet or are simply trying to isolate the cause of your bloating, gas or diarrhea, Suggestic is a massive help in guiding you through the ups and downs of this new and healthy program, the 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart. Let me explain what Suggestic is and the advantages of using it.

Adapting to a low FODMAP Diet

Many of my clients have long been looking for relief from the symptoms caused by SIBO, IBS or other chronic digestive conditions. And by the time they arrive at the Dempster Clinic, they are nearly out of hope.

For these people, so many foods cause pain that they have decided it doesn’t matter what they eat. They have a flare when they eat cheap junk food and when they try healthy foods like avocados or chickpeas. It’s no surprise that lots of my patients need to drop a few pounds.

On the other hand, so many healthy foods have the potential to cause a flare if you don’t know what you’re doing. The key is patience–total mastery of the material on the Healthy Gut Institute course isn’t something you do in a day or a week. Or even, for some, in a month. This program takes practice. That’s why I partnered with Suggestic to create my 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart app.

The first step is eating a low FODMAP diet —short for fermentable oligo-, di-, monosaccharides, and polyols, a collection of short-chain carbohydrates found in many common foods, which feed the gut bacteria overgrowth causing SIBO.

Not all sufferers have the same triggers, which is why the 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart is so important. I am teaching you to learn which foods you are likely sensitive to. We start off with a 2-day bone broth fast to give your digestive tract a break as part of the 7-Day Challenge. Next, we add low FODMAP foods and supplements, including HCL, essential oils and probiotics. By the time you reach Day 21, you are looking and feeling amazing–you’ve started to get your life back!

Meet Suggestic

Who hasn’t tried a new eating program and wondered if they are following it correctly–even a plan as straightforward as my 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart? Lots of times I hear questions like, “How will I know if I’m eating safe foods? Or, “Is having some symptoms to be expected?”

Your iPhone can now support your 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart and help make limiting your symptoms much easier. Suggestic is the most helpful healthy gut app that I have found and I have been using it personally. I recommend that everyone give it a try.

Customized Healthy Gut App

As a med school student, I decided that I wanted to focus on treating the root cause of illness, not simply the symptoms. I’ve seen my approach help many patients. They have so much more energy and no more brain fog. They sleep much better and don’t wake up in the middle of the night or feel tired in the morning. Their microbiome is balanced and, as a result, they are back to enjoying life to the fullest.

Getting Your Gut Back to Healthy

Following the 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart will be easier for you, too, with the help of Suggestic. Simply go to the Apple app store and download the Suggestic 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart diet app onto your phone. It’s free!

Once you select my 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart, a whole world is unlocked. You can learn all about how important it is to have a healthy gut, how to get started on the program, what to eat and what to avoid, and locate restaurants that have low-FODMAP options on the menu.

Experience Tracker

This 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart is not just about what to eat. The team at Suggestic understands that stress, work, and other challenges can sometimes derail your best intentions to follow a program. At any time during the day, you can log your meals and track your macronutrients. I make a point of referring back to my log to see if I ate something different.

I also notice that if I don’t get at least 7 solid hours of sleep, I am definitely more cranky and less mentally sharp. Shorting yourself on sleep is a common mistake that the 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart can help you fix.

On the upside, I also like to note when something is going really well, that way I can see that, yes, I ate according to the plan, drank enough water, and was generally in a great mood.

My Favorite Features

There are so many amazing features on the Suggestic app that are designed specifically to make everyday eating easier while you are following the 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart. You can log the meals you’ve eaten so you’re never wondering how you are doing.

If you’re super busy like I am, you will especially love the grocery list feature. Just tap on the food basket icon and a shopping list for your selected recipe appears. Once you purchase the item, cross it off the list.

Or you can select the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for your meal plan, then create shopping lists. So easy!

You can further personalize your suggestions by adding filters. Don’t tolerate rice or don’t like potatos? No problem! Just select them as foods to avoid and Suggestic will filter them out for you. That means you won’t see any recipes or restaurant options with potatoes or rice.

When you sign up for my 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart, the extra guidance is amazing. You will receive a fresh set of reminders, supportive emails (if you wish) and inspiring videos.

You’ll also have access to exclusive recipes that are specially formulated to keep you deliciously full–remember, this program is about learning how to enjoy what you eat and nourish yourself as you heal! Suggestic aims to solve many of the challenges people face when adopting a low FODMAP diet.

Getting Started

Once you download Suggestic from the Apple app store (you can download it for free here), you will be guided through each step of the onboarding process to get started. It’s like having a personal nutritionist interview you to determine your goals. The journey for my 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart on Suggestic is a simple plan that teaches you what you can eat to be on your way to a healthy gut. It gives you exactly what you need to reach optimal health and be liberated from SIBO as much as possible. Once you have the essentials set up—a day to begin, bone broth and foods to buy, etc., then your journey is underway.

It is a comprehensive 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart that guides you in creating the best plan for your health.

Each day, you will track how you eat and live. The goal is to have no foods that will exacerbate your symptoms.  And to learn de-stressing practices like meditation, deep breathing and mindfulness.

Follow my rules throughout the program and you will quickly begin to have great success. After the first few days, with the help of this awesome app, the beginning stages become much more manageable.

Nutritional Guidance

Here’s what I love about Suggestic: Preparation is about making sure you have the foods and supplements you need to get through the program. And you will also purge your fridge and pantry of anything that can bring on a flare.

This list may surprise you–you will need to read ingredients carefully. I’m not going to give away the complete surprise of the journey here… Every day you will be guided with task lists, emails, instructional videos, and lots of food choices. If you’re more independent, know that these are optional and you can always be selective about the recipes, ingredients, and other elements–it’s all meant to support you, not hinder you.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes!

I also love that Suggestic has so many recipes! That’s right. Craving a healthy snack? Just open the app! Wondering what to make for your family for dinner? No problem!

With the meal planner feature, you can prepare for the week so much more easily. Just select meals for each time and day and you’re all set. The 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart puts together your customized shopping list.

Eat Out Without Worry

I’m often asked about the best low FODMAP-friendly restaurants in the area—no matter where I am. So I open up Suggestic and tap the “Eat Out” button. Endless results appear with all sorts of great info like acceptable menu choices, how far away, how expensive, even if it’s open at the time I’m searching. Pretty cool.

Also, when I get to a restaurant, if it’s someplace with our augmented reality feature, I can point my phone at the menu, and the app will show me items that fit into the 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart or not. I don’t have to wonder what to eat and have less educating to do with my waiter about how to prepare my meal. Such a relief.

Use Your Smartphone to Support Your Lifestyle!

I have come to realize how helpful my iPhone actually is in keeping my lifestyle organized and on track. (And don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone. Suggestic will have an Android version soon.)

Having Suggestic is super important because it reduces the stress of navigating your way to a nourishing healthy-gut lifestyle. I recommend getting the app and signing up for my 21-Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart. Experience for yourself what I’m so excited about. Once you sign up and put it to work every day, you’ll never regret it.

–Dr. John Dempster BSc., ND, FAAFM

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